[As a PHD…] @Dr. Charlton Cheung(HKU Department of Psychiatry 5-Day Tour)

[HKU Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research]

After meeting Dr. Cheung ,he taught us the history of Dairy Farm,HKU Department of Psycharitry and Queen Mary Hospital.At the beginning, he was like as professional as a historian and geographer, as he introduced the history and location of buildings surrounding HKU Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research.

For example,Wah Fu Estate’s original site was a cemetery. Therefore people were unwilling to live in.


Also he told us that the original address of HKU Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research had been a ranch of Dairy Farm. Dairy Farm had a huge construction, its ranches were built along Sassoon Road. There were cows to produce milk and people who worked in Queen Mary Hospital in 1930s must know about it.

Afterwards,we discussed about our elective for F4 and asked him questions to fulfill our curiosity.




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